municipal election themes 2021

Students,families and retired:

Covid restrictions has challenged lives of children,youth,families and adults mentally and financially.

Unemployment and layoffs are stressed for many people and affecting their school going,since many children and and adults did their studies by distance learning long time which has caused also to suspending for their studies.

Many retired also were in the situation they needed to stay at home,without seeing their relatives in long time.

People who are living alone have also stayed without any support from their friends and relatives causing lonelyness during the Covid restrictions.

Situation of low income and homeless people also worsen during Covid restrictions and amount of home alarms increased because of home violence,because people were spending more time in their homes.

Personally i´m worried about this Health,social services and regional government reform,that Finnish government has trying to do (Sote ja maakunta uudistus) since it will take away most of the tax revenue in Espoo and will straightly affect ability to do health care and to take care of security,safety , rescue service and elder care and most of the decision power goes to regional level.

Children and youths bad feeling in their lives and threat of social exclusion has been excisting already before Covid situation,but during that the problem has been increased and come to a head.

That´s why i feel it really important to adduce in my municipal election themes and highlight low threshold services and to intensify them. No one should be left alone in the difficult life situation.

These services are e.g.

- debt conseling and housing services

- emergency services, mental health and health services

- child protection and shelters

School bullying must end, every child has the right to a safe school environment and to study for peace.

Bullying is at its worst mental and physical violence that leaves deep scars on the child both mentally and physically.It must be brought to an end.

Every child should also have the opportunity to practice in affordable club and hobby activities should be available so that all children have community and good friends around them.

Very often, intimate relationships and domestic violence go blank or may come to the attention of the authorities too late.
Being victim to rape or serious violence leaves a person with deep trauma and discussion help should be obtained when it is needed because legal proceedings are also often long and really cumbersome.

The City of Espoo's offer of reasonably priced rental housing and other construction must be supported in order to create new residents, families and new jobs in Espoo, and investment must be made in the number of student housing in Espoo.

Ways must be found to eliminate homelessness, everyone must have a home.

Older people must be offered good and safe old age and the right to be able to influence their own housing and the services they receive and to receive good and reliable care.

Everyday life and safety and security:

Different types of crime have increased in Finland, and police resources are increasingly being used to solve more difficult crimes.

Local security is created in municipalities and police resources alone are not enough to secure places where people move around a lot on a daily basis, such as shopping malls, hospitals and public transport such as metros and trains.
In these places, private security actors, guards and law enforcement, have a big role to play in dealing with various disruptive and violent situations, as well as in first aid situations.
For this reason, cooperation with the rescue service, the police and the private security sector must be seamless and constantly evolving.

Increasingly, minors and young people, as well as adults, also carry objects suitable for harming other people, and more and more people working in the security sector, paramedics and other medical staff in wax homes, health centers and hospitals face violence in their work.

Poverty and exclusion are one of the biggest risks to safety, as it creates a lot of side effects around them, which is why it is so important to invest in children, their early childhood education and education so that they have a good and stable foundation in their lives to build their own lives.

All forms of bullying, discrimination and harassment in school and at work must be whistled, not accepted or allowed in any form. Nor should anyone be left alone with mental health problems and other life challenges, but everyone should get help when they need it, as these have long-term effects in people's lives.

Companies are also investing more and more in organizational and cyber security issues and I also think it is important to understand the security aspect at the municipal level in order to be able to take preventive action in time, as well as to be better prepared for it.

In addition to this, the range of various services must be accessed quickly and smoothly, and efforts must be made to maintain pedestrian and bicycle paths, as well as driveways. Public transport connections must also be operational.

Espoo has many beautiful outdoor and nature areas that should also be taken care of.

Working life and entrepreneurship:

The Covid era has brought a lot of challenges, bankruptcies, unemployment and layoffs to entrepreneurs, the event industry, and employees. That is why it is really important to support entrepreneurship and people's employment and job creation.

For many, indebtedness and financial distress have come to the forefront when all income streams have been cut off as a crown during restrictions. For this reason, low-threshold debt counseling and other counseling services, as well as financial support for the employment of new employees, should also be directed at entrepreneurs.

As the management of unemployment increasingly shifts to the responsibility of municipalities, it is also necessary to invest in how well jobs and jobseekers meet.

Espoo has many national municipalities with a lot of language skills and know-how that should be better utilized and integrated for use by companies.

After graduation, many university students who come to Finland from abroad go back abroad and take their own skills with them. The system in Finland is rigid, reconciling family and career and finding a job after graduation is challenging.

Cooperation between universities and vocational training institutions in Espoo should be intensified, so that, for example, internships and final jobs can be used to better employ and make permanent graduates better.

Employment and Economic Development services play an important role in employment and retraining, and it is important to be able to create a framework that allows those who are unemployed to find work according to their interests, and to provide work according to their ability to work.

Immigrants' language skills and integration must also be invested in so that employment can take place in a field of interest to them, and there will be no interveners, but everyone will find their own thing in studies and working life and feel an important part of Finnish society.

Taryne Kalima